Only the viralProtect 7-Month Protective Mask has been shown to inactivate ≥95% of particles. *



The tissue of the viralProtect Protective Mask treated with Livinguard technology inactivates microbes such as viruses, bacteria and fungi quickly and reliably in 10 minutes.* 


The viralProtect Protective Mask is durable for 7 months and washable up to 30 times. This replaces up to 210 conventional single-use masks and is therefore more sustainable and environmentally friendly.**


In addition to the self-disinfecting outer layers, an additional filter blocks ≥95% of the airborne particles> 0.3 microns.***

7-Month Protective Mask

Comfort, protection, and durability our viralProtect protective mask gives you all 3.

Our viralProtect protective mask self disinfects as you wear it, preventing harmful particles from sticking around. By using antimicrobial Livinguard technology which prevents harmful microbes from growing, our protective face mask guards you against possible infections.

We’ve included a filter which filters out both dust and dirt, along with harmful pathogens, giving you maximum protection. Oh, and did we mention it protects for up to 7 months and can be hand washed up to 30 times. So you can say goodbye so those single-use masks from here on out.

We’ve included a breakdown below so you can see exactly how it all comes together.

Patented Swiss Technology

The three-layer filter of the viralProtect Mask, with patented technology from Livinguard from Switzerland, offers reliable self and third-party protection - without silver or other harmful chemicals.

Successfully Tested

The Livinguard technology of the viralProtect Protective Mask was developed according to U.S. EPA standards successfully tested for their "self-disinfecting" properties. Only Livinguard textiles can continuously inactivate microbes.

Good Skin Tolerance

The Livinguard textile of the viralProtect Protective Mask has passed extensive skin tests in the Product Safety Labs in the USA according to the requirements of the US EPA and at the Hohenstein Institute in Germany according to European standards.


* Tested according to U.S. EPA standards regarding self-disinfecting properties and skin tolerance. 

** With daily use and washing once a week. 

*** Contact us for more detailed information and test results.