How do bacteria and viruses differ?

The biggest difference is that bacteria are living things, but viruses are not. Bacteria are relatively complex unicellular organisms that survive under extreme conditions and can reproduce through cell division. Viruses are much larger than bacteria and need a host to survive and reproduce. Viruses infect their host and infiltrate their genetic information. Viruses reprogram the host's cell, which then produces new viruses.

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What methods are there to fight bacteria and viruses?

The most commonly used method for controlling bacteria and viruses is sterilisation and disinfection. Sterilisation is usually caused by influences such as heat, steam or radiation. Disinfection is often carried out by chemical means that reduce the microbes to a minimum so that they are harmless.

How exactly do viralProtect 6-Month Protective Masks work?

Our viralProtect PRO Face Mask self disinfects as you wear it, preventing harmful particles from sticking around. By using antimicrobial Livinguard Technology which prevents harmful microbes from growing, our protective face mask guards you against possible infections.

We’ve included a filter which filters out both dust and dirt, along with harmful pathogens, giving you maximum protection. Oh, and did we mention it protects for up to 6 months and can be hand washed up to 30 times. So you can say goodbye so those single-use masks from here on out.

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Scientifically Tested

We always make sure our masks are tested extensively in leading international laboratories.
This includes laboratories in the USA, Switzerland, Germany and India such as the Swiss Quality Testing Services, Hohenstein Institute, TÜV Süd, Eawag, Laboratory for Product Safety, Biodetek Lab, InfeXn, Biotech Testing Services and others. Further information can be requested at We're here to help.

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Proven To Be Safe For Skin

The Livinguard textile of the viralProtect PRO Face Mask has passed extensive skin tests in the Product Safety Labs in the USA according to the requirements of the US EPA and at the Hohenstein Institute in Germany according to European standards.

The self-disinfecting outer layers of the viralProtect 6-Month Protective Mask only fight the "bad" bacteria on the top layer of skin. It does not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

* Tested according to U.S. EPA standards regarding self-disinfecting properties and skin tolerance. ** With daily use and washing once a week. *** Contact us for more detailed information and test results. **** Test was carried out according to DIN EN ISO 18184: 2019