How Does a Mask With a Filter Help Fight Against the Coronavirus? 

How Does a Mask With a Filter Help Fight Against the Coronavirus? 

There’s a lot of talk about face masks at the minute, from government guidance to advice from the World Health Organisation, face masks are a big talking point. So, we thought we’d break down how wearing a mask can help you fight against the Coronavirus.

The short answer is (and it is a short one) protection. Not only for you but for the people around you. There’s a few ways in which protective masks help you fight Coronavirus, so we’ll run through some of them here. 

So, how does a protective mask help fight against Coronavirus? We’ll tell you…

There have been different types of Coronavirus before, some more common than others, namely Influenza (The Flu) or the common cold. However, Covid-19 is a new type of Coronavirus which we haven’t experienced before. Covid-19 is a respiratory virus that appears to spread by respiratory droplets such as sneezing and coughing, and through contact with other infected people. This is where your protective mask comes in...

A mask with a filter helps fight against Covid-19 by limiting the amount of airborne respiratory droplets you come into contact with, by covering your nose and mouth the mask protects against you from inhaling the droplets or by limiting the number of droplets you could potentially spread, they not only protect you but other people. Some people who carry the disease are asymptomatic which means they display no symptoms. This can cause the disease to spread because people who have the disease don’t always realise it, this is why wearing a mask even if you have no symptoms can protect both yourself and other people.

Do all masks do this? 

Wearing any mask will provide some protection, but some are better than others. For example, a mask with a filter will provide you with better protection than wearing a cheaper mask made from non-protective material. Here’s why…

Non-protective masks will provide you with some protection but not much, they’ll more than likely need to be washed consistently and they won’t be designed to filter our particles which means harmful bacteria or pathogens can stay on the mask for a longer time period, increasing your chances of coming into contact with them. However, a mask with a filer, will filter out particles which you come into contact with, meaning you’re less likely to become infected.

Why should you choose a mask with a filter?

It’ll protect you much more than an ordinary mask. But there’s few other reasons, so we’ll break it down for you. Things can get a little complex when it comes to filters, particles, and viruses but here’s why a filtered mask could be your best option.

Recent guidance from the WHO states that a protective mask should contain three layers, consisting of one made from a cotton lining, a polyester outer layer and a middle filter as these will provide the best protection.

So, let’s talk about filters, we’ve mentioned them before but these are a big one. Most masks you can buy online or on the high street won’t have filters to protect you from harmful airborne particles, some may do, but they may not be as robust as a mask with a designated filter. A filter is essential when you’re trying to get maximum protection, by filtering out the harmful particles, you have a significantly less chance of coming into contact with the virus. Whilst a filter can’t filter out 100% of particles, it can filter out 95% of them, meaning you’re much less likely to interact with any harmful pathogens.

Durability. Masks specifically designed with filers are extremely durable and last much longer than surgical masks or general everyday face masks. Durability is extremely important, having a mask which can remain durable for several months and survive several washes means you don’t have to constantly replace your mask with single-use masks, meaning it could be the most cost-effective way to stay protected.

Final thoughts

We know there can be some hesitations with wearing a mask and what mask to wear but If you’re able to, wearing a mask will offer both you and the people around you protection from the Coronavirus. Wearing a mask with a filter will provide you even greater protection as you’re able to filter out harmful particles. The best place to stay up to date with the latest Coronavirus updates is at >


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